All I know this, now I’m pretty sure I need to see Jourdan Dunn starring in a Netflix series about a woman who is a model by day, and a vampire hunter by night. It’s called High Stakes, and co-stars John Cho (as her ex-boyfriend, a sensible hacker/billionaire who occasionally helps out with tech/money), Fiona Shaw (as her very irritable handler), Tituss Burgess (as her modeling agent who pretends he doesn’t know about her side hustle until the shit really hits the fan in the season finale, at which point we find out that he is a witch!), Greta Lee (as her best friend and fellow vampire hunter who thinks modeling is a tool of the patriarchy/capitalism), and — in a huge and thrilling get! — Oscar Isaac as the very sexy 400 year-old vampire nemesis Jourdan also kinda wants to make out with, even though it’s in her best interest to kill him. She will often wear this jacket. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS!

[Photo by Stephen Coke/Shutterstock]