At some point I’m sure we’ll round these up into a gallery so we can see them side by side — in fact, let’s just bank on it for later this week; deal? — but trust me when I say that Joey King has tried on all manner of different personas during this press tour. Some of them work, some don’t; no matter what you think of this white number, I personally cannot muster up a feeling anywhere near as strong as the dislike I have for this one:


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I’m sure some people won’t understand why I have a bee flying around in my infernal bonnet over this one, but… It starts with the hair. She’s styled this bombshell Kardashian-lite latex dress with the same coif I saw everywhere at the beans’ elementary schools. And she’s posing with the braids pulled out and her lip jutting in a pouty way, as if to play up a childlike-yet-sexy aesthetic, and that grosses me out. (In the second picture on this carousel, she adds a fluffy pink bag.) It’s just less Cher Horowitz than horror show, for me. Joey and her stylist have done experimental things that are substantially more interesting, and I wish they’d back away from this vibe in favor of the more grown-up version.

[Photos: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock]