So it seems like Jodie Comer and Ryan Reynolds were doing a divide-and-conquer thing for Free Guy, where he took the U.S. premiere and she handled the one in the UK, where (I think) she lives. Good on them; it would have been fun, but it makes sense to limit the amount of hauling everyone is doing. Also, it’s probably daunting to walk a red carpet next to Blake Lively in fullest of full glamour when you are in the mood for fancy coveralls. I have to say, though, these look really good on Jodie — it’s the perfect average, somehow, of casual and formal. With the slightly tousled hair and sexy red lipstick, this is like Obviously We’re Going to Netflix and Chill, Wink Wink, But Let’s At Least Pretend We Intended To Go Out On The Town First.

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