GFY Jessica is out of town, so I cannot turn to her for definitive guidance on how this will be addressed at the annual meeting (at which Jessica Alba is expected to present her birthing plan, and Jessica from Big Brother will be quizzed vigorously on why she hooked up with Cody when he has the affect of a serial spleen-eater). But my suspicion is, they will remind Jessica here that — in the words of another fabulous Jessica, Ms. St. Clair from Playing House — body be bangin’, and she should dress it that way. J.Simp has great legs and great curves. They speak for themselves without the skirt being sweat-gland-numbingly tight, and the blouse should do more than just stack its layers up atop her chest. Better choices could have been made, and were not. And that includes the sunglasses, which I am sad to note appear to have caught Elmo Pox (although they might look good on SOMEONE’s face? They just don’t suit hers). And finally, she really, really, REALLY needs to watch where she holds that clutch. It’s giving her vagina dentata, and she should NOT want any drills zeroing in down there.

[Photo: Backgrid]