You might recall that at the first Ingrid Goes West event, Aubrey and Elizabeth embraced the theme of the movie — girl becomes obsessed with Instagram star, girl stalks Instagram star, girl copies Instagram star – by dressing alike. I secretly hoped they’d keep it up for every single press event, teasing out the joke until it’s just one matted backcombed chunk of mess, but I suppose that’s the kind of trick you can only pull once. So they instead followed their own blisses, and I guess Elizabeth’s took her straight to a cult outfitted by Rosie Assoulin, in which everyone makes their own incense based on what they think their favorite Real Housewives smell like.

Neon Hosts The New York Premiere Of

Aubrey’s took her to the early 2000s. Although that’s not a bad thing here: It’s like she (and Prabal Gurung) took the GOOD parts of the early aughts, and left the kitten-heeled slides from Steve Madden on eBay where they belong.

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