Listen, the sunglasses are glam and the shoes are great, but I cannot be fooled! This woman is wearing her jammies to see Stephen Colbert! That is a onesie that’s zazzed itself up with buttons! If she turned around, we might see that it has a butt-flap! (Great color though, and if this were a Project Runway contest where she had to take pajamas and make them into outerwear, I think she’d be in the top.)

Luckily, she actually did change for her TV spot:

'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert', New York, USA - 15 Sep 2021

I’ve given up on understanding the length of pants anymore, so I’ll just note that I think she looks pretty great here, and that I’m literally looking at a commercial for this film as I type. Do we think Amy Adams is annoyed she didn’t get this one?

[Photos by Kristin Callahan/Shutterstock]