The runway show here is arguably the most restrained one I’ve ever seen from Thom Browne — but I am going to let Vogue sum up what happened in this one, because I think what you see in the photos does not reflect the performance art angle of this show:

Pegasuses rode penny-farthings, a couple of bachelors haunted a raw wood house, models turned from shrubs into statues […] The presentation began with a voice-over about a couple of bachelors stuck indoors, looking out over an aging garden. Classic statuary, the tradition of carving a marble block into a contrapposto David, charted the show’s three parts: part one, twenty Platonic suiting ideals; part two, the pure marble slab as tunic and maxi, fastened with a hook-and-eye up the back; part three, a trick of the eye, a flex of artistry, full force in tulle. […] At the end, the show’s two bachelors chained their gates, unzipped each other’s gray wool dresses, and orbited each other, never quite touching hands.

This gives you a good perspective on the set, and of course the beast-on-a-bike. I think his shows might be bucket list stuff, just for the sheer amount of detail at every turn.

[Photos: Imaxtree]