I don’t traditionally fall for a peplum.

But that’s long enough that it’s inching out of Peplum County and into the great wide open Layered Skirt Plains that surround it. The cut is charming on her without the ruffle looking dinky or silly, she put cool shoes with it, and her hair and makeup are so perfect that she could actually JUST be wearing the non-peplum and pretending it’s a tennis skirt and I’d probably clap my hands and give her the point.

Let’s go in for a close-up:

I think it’s possible this head-styling — that LIPSTICK — could sell me on anything. It is a dangerously persuasive weapon that must be used only for good, please, Ms. Chastain. Endorse only the best with it. No Prada tooth-whitening kits, no Givenchy lassos, no $500 water in bottles made from recycled Louboutins. Thanks in advance.

[Photos: Getty]