Louis Vuitton’s recent runway show was not as rife with horrors as usual, and we’re seeing that bear out on the red carpets via celebrities looking not-so-bad. Isn’t that warm praise. But seriously: This isn’t bad. Right? I want to subtract the big white ruffle, and the clunky brown leather boots, which to me are at odds with the skirt. (Also, the sleeves have more brown in the pattern and the bodice has more black, so even the BLOUSE can’t pick a side.) They also seem random, like she’s a beautiful pirate who traded her fancy black swashbuckling shoes for a map and a pair of whatever-you-have. But I’ll take this, on the whole. And if you’re curious, Jessica’s new show is called Limetown, based on a podcast I’d never heard of, and debuting online via Facebook Watch. Hey, I guess it’s about time Facebook was OPEN about peddling fiction, am I right? ZING. Anyway, she’s also a producer, which is exciting for her; the great thing about Peak TV, and the enormous number of platforms it’s spawned, are that more people have chances to take control of content and of their careers. More power to her.

[Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]