“HOLA LOVERS. Point of order. My movie masterpiece here that I made in between Shades of Blue and World of Dance and Dating of Baseball Man and Concert of Las Vegas or whatever that was called is NOT like Younger. First: LOOK AT ME. Do I need to be younger? I am dressed like Ariana Grande and I have skin like one of those miracle fabrics that does not wrinkle and you can just wash and wear and pull it out of your suitcase and it is perfect. Moisturizer uses ME, lovers. Second: It is like Maid in Manhattan, but without so much cleaning, and with more bangs, and without that boring old thing whose brother played Shakespeare that time. But it is okay for me to redo my own movies. You cannot. But I can. Because all that can improve upon The Lopez is MORE THE LOPEZ. PEACE OUT. P.S. I will still look like this when you are a hundred.”

[Photos: WENN, InstarImages.com]