It’s to K.Stew’s credit that this outfit looks as good as it does on her. I have no idea why that skirt is coated in ruched tulle; it’s confusing, and harshing whatever else was trying to happen, like when Snickers came out with a peanut-butter version. We didn’t need that. We already had a perfectly good thing going on with peanuts and caramel and nougat, you know? The effect cheapens this — doubly strange given how expensive it has to be — and comes off like┬ásomething she was forced to wear because Target invited her to a collaboration launch. So, like I said, it’s full marks to her for giving it all a bit of edge.

And compared with January Jones, that skirt is a dream. This is kind of like a fevered, delirious sleep full of goblins:

Brady Center Bear Awards Gala

Did January Jones move to Texas and become the official football team mom and bake sale coordinator for the West El Paso Rodeo Clowns?

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