I am unlikely ever to hear the single, but that’s okay. We’re just here for the outfits. Also, the other day, Elle ran an OMG GUSHY piece about how The Weeknd looked at her in a way that Says It All, using only two photos…  one of which was him staring stonily into middle distance, and the other of which was him staring at the floor — with her barely in his periphery — while he slid out of a car. None of it said anything so much as, “SIGH.” At first I thought it was parody, until they tweeted it with five kissy-face emojis. COME ON, Y’ALL. Hopefully Elle’s younger readers know to set their Hashtag Relationship Goals a bit higher than, “Find a guy who looks at you the way The Weeknd gazes at a hired car’s floor mat.”

[Photos: Backgrid]