From Jessica’s Desk:

Dear Jada P S,

Just a quick note to offer you my profound thanks! It’s a slow week for celebrity outfits, as everyone gears up for fall. We’ve got Fashion Week and the Emmys and the new TV season percolating just off the horizon, and I think everyone is just hibernating — well, you know all this! Anyway, just wanted to let you know how GRATEFUL I am that you popped out to visit Colbert wearing what I believe to be a very long, very glamorous scarf, repurposed as a shirt. Jada? It looks great on you. Most people would look like they’re on Project Runway and their designer accidentally set their real shirt on fire at the last minute. But you look like that proverbial million bucks.

Thanks for that, and for all the content,



[Photo: ROGER WONG/]
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