The big shame of these Walk of Fame things being bought and paid for is, you can’t always make it the celebration that it could be. Anne Hathaway has worked with a LOT of great people in her career: Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Kate Hudson (oy, that movie, though), Mandy Moore, Queen Latifah, McConaughey, Jake Gyllenhaal, Meryl, Emily Blunt, the entire cast of Ocean’s Eight, JULIE FREAKING ANDREWS… it’s a long list, as it should be for anyone, but it feels like pinning this to a movie release means you can’t always get the breadth of people that would make it so cool. Lucy Liu got her Charlie’s Angels co-stars, which is great, but Anne only got Rebel Wilson (her co-star in The Hustle, premiering today) and Awkwafina (Ocean’s Eight), and while they are lovely people and hardly chopped liver, just think how much bigger this could have felt. Would we all not have wept at the sight of Julie Andrews with Princess Mia? It’s not just Anne that this happens to; it’s most of them. I will ALWAYS be sad that Victor Garber wasn’t at Jennifer Garner’s, for example. Spy Daddy was missed. I’m sure none of them MINDS, really; looking at it from the outside, imagining how it might feel, I just keep wanting it to be the best party it can be. [Edited to add, I wrote this late last night so I wasn’t super clear: I have no idea how the guest lists are made, but because the celeb isn’t necessarily the one organizing it AND the date is fairly iron-clad to coincide with a project, it probably restricts things in terms of availability/who’s doing the planning and reaching out/etc.]

At least she looked super.

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