What a face! This cover is so arresting. She looks glam and thrilling and gorgeous in the interior profile, as well, and  beyond the excellent snaps, it’s quite a good read. It kicks off with this exchange:

Let’s take it back to your Yale heyday. [Bassett attended Yale and has a B.A. (1980), an M.F.A. (1983), and an honorary doctorate degree (2018) from her alma mater.] How did that shape you as an artist?

I was there for seven years, so I got to know the place. [laughs] Unless you’re a superhero, a beast, or a monster with so much self-esteem that it seeps out of every pore, you deal with imposter syndrome. Artists are so introspective. You wonder if you’re good enough or if you can handle the place. I would literally stand in front of my mirror and give myself a good talking-to. I’d say, “How long do you want to be overwhelmed? Will 10 minutes serve? Fifteen?” And I would answer, “Yes, all right. Well, have your pity party, but then after that, wash your face, comb your hair, and go do what you need to do.” And I guess that was my way of therapizing myself in that moment.

And it just gets more interesting — I could have picked six or seven pull quotes — covering everything from the famous gif of her setting a car on fire to skin care to her 9-1-1 salary to navigating Hollywood as a Black actress. It’s a really good piece and the photos are fantastic. I really recommend clicking over there.

Additionally, you probably want to see this:


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I laughed out loud.

[Photographed by GIAMPAOLO SGURA. The interview will be featured in InStyle’s February issue hitting newsstands on January 14th]