First, the best thing about this year’s BAFTAs is that the website says they’re taking place “Saturday, April 10-Sunday, April 11, 2021,” because at first blush it looks like they’ve gone the COMPLETE opposite way of the SAGs and are just going to hold a 24-hour lovefest. (In reality, they’re giving 8 awards out on Saturday during an hour showcasing the nominated films, and then doing the other 17 on Sunday’s main telecast. Which is, in fact, STILL the opposite of the SAGs.)

Second, back in 1993, British actress Amanda Donohoe — you may know her from L.A. Law, or perhaps Liar, Liar — popped by the ceremony in this lacy misadventure. And I truly think not enough attention has been paid to the fact that Amanda Donohoe is clearly clairvoyant. She was Coachella before Coachella was Coachella; she beat Vanessa Hudgens to the Vanessa Hudgens Experience; she is a walking Vanessa Hudgens Fug Madness Mood Board and she’s due at the rave tent in eight years. What else did she know?

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