As we move into spring, naturally a middle-aged woman’s fancy turns to….um, cleaning her closet? Wow, I don’t like the direction that sentence went! However, I will note that it IS spring, and thus it IS time for spring-cleaning, and YES, I did in fact just buy a new mop. (It’s this one and it’s fancy.) (That’s an affiliate link to Walmart, FYI.) I just spent a very satisfying day mopping things. Is there a German name for that perverse pleasure you get seeing the filth that was secretly lurking on your floor? I’m sure there is. Anyway, in the name of chasing that perverse high, I welcome you to share your best and brightest cleaning tips. Do I need a steam cleaner? Do you use Q-Tips to polish your baseboards? Is it bad if I just found another Christmas tree needle?! Hold forth!