I love this photo. It looks like Morton Harket didn’t entirely realize the other guys were even in the picture. He’s too busy giving us his best Patrick “Johnny Castle” Swayze but with a random amount of leather cord wrapped around his neck and one layer too many. Magne in the middle is like, “He can’t do The Lift, but you didn’t hear it from me,” and Paul in the back is like, “I can do the lift, but one ever asks ME.” I don’t know why they were at the BAFTAs, but can we start fantasy-casting the a-ha biopic right now? I’m feeling Eddie Redmayne for Paul and Chris Hemsworth for Magne. Morton is a tougher nut to crack, but obviously you know where this is going: Who will play the woman in “Take On Me”?

I know comic books need a plot, but throwing an actual wrench in the works felt very on-the-nose, gentlemen. However, it is still a gift, as is this earworm, and for the part I’m going to go with Emma Corrin or Emerald Fennell. Maybe both; they can play sisters. We need more female energy in this project.

[Photo: Ilpo Musto/Shutterstock]