‘Twas an ignominious year, ’93.
B.C. toppled No. 1 N.D.
And super named Kate
To a party ran late
And didn’t know through her dress you could see.

“It was dark in my friend’s flat,” said she.
“Hmm, a likely story,” say we.
That thing’s just wafer thin
No matter what light you’re in;
How opaque could it POSSIBLY be?

Her frock raised quite the shocked ruckus.
Because of the nipples and tuchus.
It helped start a trend
That may never end.
“THANKS A LOT, Kate,” we hiss and we cuss.

Kate and Naomi, Look of the Year 1993

“WELL HELLO, my name is Naomi.
I’m Kate’s height if I stand with a bent knee.
Mine’s a bit sheer here too;
Just not visibly to you.
So maybe the credit goes to ME.”

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