Look, this month was…something else. So it’s possible that you may have missed a post here and there around GFY. Just in case you were otherwise distracted, here are some of November’s most popular posts.

  1. Chrissy Teigen’s AMA dress was extremely revealing.
  2. We revisited Rachel McAdams’s red carpet history and shed a tear over the Lost Gosling Years.
  3. Don’t miss a single one of our recaps of The Crown!
  4. Doesn’t Halloween feel like it was 200 years ago? And yet.
  5. What ARE the Kardashians wearing? No, seriously. That isn’t a rhetorical question.
  6. Y’all love a What We Missed Over the Weekend update.
  7. Australia’s ARIA awards brought a fallopian tube dress. That’s not hyperbole.
  8. Wills and Kate and other British royals observed Remembrance Day.
  9. It’s the dudes of The Gilmore Girls!
  10. We’re also recapping the Gilmore Girls reboot, so get in on that.
  11. Prince Harry is on a tour of the Caribbean at the moment, and is being charming with children throughout.