First: I actually think each piece of this ensemble is gorgeous; that blazer, in particular, is fantastic. My note, though, is that I feel like this specific pants/blazer combo would look AMAZING on Glenn Close or Judi Dench or, like, Duchess Camilla (PLEASE let Camilla start dressing like this. She would look fantastic). It feels very expensive and a little artsy — like what you’d see on a very rich older woman who owns a successful art gallery and has a collection of extremely interesting earrings. I like it in a vacuum; I even like both pieces on their own. I just wonder if it would suit Evangeline better to take them apart and wear them with other things — that blazer would be great with jeans, or cigarette pants; the giant foofy trousers are an amazing fabric and I’d pair them with a very VERY sleek and simple top and some aforementioned Extremely Interesting Jewelry. Law Roach is a great stylist, and it makes all the sense in the world that Evangeline would want to work with him for this press tour — I just wonder if they’ve figured out what they’re trying to say about her yet. DISCUSS!