Maggie will probably get nominated for a VARIETY of things for The Lost Daughter, which she wrote and directed, and for which she was decorated in Venice. She’s been promoting it consistently since September, after a stint as a Cannes jury member. And her style in those six months does feel like it’s gotten an upgrade. I’s been crisper, occasionally colorful, often with notes of slinky glamour; not universally great, but interesting, and that’s often better. With this one, the cool design is bedeviled by the satin, and her makeup is a rare misstep. The eyeliner is too harsh. But the idea is there, so let’s call it a dry run, or a useful dress rehearsal before 2022 comes and the game begins in earnest. Insert dramatic laugh here, maybe with some Mr. Burns-style finger tenting.

However, I still haven’t caught many of the hot contenders other than Tick, Tick… Boom! My addled brain managed to recall the other night that it’s on Netflix, and I thought it was very good. Andrew Garfield was superb and intense and really drove the hell out of that bus; because it’s HIS character’s inner life, he’s in every single scene, and he never falters. But that’s one down, and a bajillion to go. Have you taken a bite out of it yet?

[Photo: Drew Altizer Photography/Shutterstock]