This is probably Meryl’s coat. But it looks like a bathrobe, and let’s be honest, I would not be mad if this turned out to be her bathrobe. It would be a very nice one. And she had to show up at a morning show studio at God knows what time of day, and it’s winter, and she’s Meryl Streep, so who could even be annoyed if she decided she wanted to use her cute bathrobe as a coat for maximum relaxing? Maxlaxing! Remaxing! No. The first word sounds like a laxative and the second sounds like a verb for that thing where you peruse what houses are for sale in your area even though you aren’t buying. Which I guess Meryl might do in her maximally relaxing bathrobe. It’s a LOT more fun when you have enough money to make an impulse purchase.

[Photo: MediaPunch/Shutterstock]