We had a lot of Olympics coverage here at GFY over the last two and a half weeks, and wanted to make sure you didn’t miss a beat of it. Just in case you were working or something, here’s a complete list of all the thighs, abs, arms and sequins:

–Fab the Costumes: Synchronized Swimming at the 2016 Rio Olympics

– Well Played: The Marvelous Muscles of the Rio Olympics Track and Field

– Well Played: The Glorious Swimming Abs of the Rio Olympics

– Your Afternoon Men: Arms of the Male Gymnasts at the Rio 2016 Olympics

– Well Played: The Women’s Gymnastics Finals at Rio 2016 Olympics

– Well Played:: The Women’s Gymnastics Qualifying Round

– Fugs and Fabs: The 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony/Parade of Nations in Rio

– Fug or Fab: Ralph Lauren’s Opening Ceremony Kit for Team USA

– Fug or Fab the Olympics Uniform: The USA in Rio (Closing Ceremony Kit)