I didn’t realize that Angelina looked so… STARTLED… in this photo when I chose it. Apologies, Angie. But the flash here illuminated what a great green this is. She rarely wears color, so when it happens, I basically throw a parade. And I don’t know WHY she never wears color. She should at least always wear this color. It looks fabulous on her.

'Eternals' cast at private members club, London, UK - 27 Oct 2021

It’s a great caftan that I honestly think she could have turned into a premiere dress in its own right. Yes, it’s not as formal, especially when you are attending premieres with Gemma Chan and she’s almost always decked out in sparkles. But the right jewelry and better shoes might do enough. At the very least she would look like a glamorous priestess. Angelina is obviously invested in what she wears, or else she’d be the one wearing all her old gowns again rather than giving them to her kids. She’s made an effort on this tour to mix things up on the red carpet; for example, she wore something slightly experimental to the premiere earlier in this particular evening, she wore that wannabe-avant-garde (okay: dumpy and drape-y) Balmain, and she had Versace make her that incredible silver sparkling number. She clearly cares. But there’s so much more out there for her. Spin the color wheel for real, Angie, and not just when you’re headed to an after-hours shindig. Swim in the Pantone pool. The water is fine. And many, many different shades of blue. Just saying.

[Photos: Beretta/Sims/Shutterstock]