ALL HAIL A CAPE, and for a grand entrance to a state dinner, too. I am quite delighted.

Backing up: This is a thoughtfully chosen Fijian blue gown by British designer Safiyaa (which I have often seen written SAFiYAA, but no one seems to be using that capitalization this morning, so… maybe they just got sick of correcting it and just let it go). Meghan wisely removed some shoulder adornments that are shown on the original, which would’ve looked a bit like she’d been attacked by some very pretty moths.

The earrings are reportedly from the Queen’s stash. I haven’t seen precise confirmation on that; however, this visit coincides with the anniversary of Liz and Phil coming to Fiji in 1953, so that would be a nice piece of synergy. This is just so good — extremely glamorous in an understated way, if that makes sense, while still offering Meghan a shot at being comfortable. As a guest at the party, you would not miss the shot of bright blue in the crowd, which is perfect. I am sad Meghan didn’t get a tiara to go with it — a petite one would be plenty, although really, couldn’t EVERYTHING use a tiara? — but I don’t know what the rules are about when those come out of the vault. Still: HOORAY. That color really is supreme.

And, some more background on the choice of the Zimmermann from earlier: One commenter wondered if that dress would’ve worked better in this Fijian blue, because THIS one would have been effective still in white. That is an intriguing note, although I didn’t mind the FACT of the white dress, just the bodice fit. But apparently Meghan’s arrival ensemble may have been meant to evoke the Queen’s own clothes when she and Philip alit in 1953. It’s a nice intention, and good to see them doing their homework. On that tip, it’s been noted that the Fijian tourism websites discourage wearing hats to welcome/kava ceremonies like the one Meghan and Harry attended yesterday because it’s considered disrespectful to the village chief, so some questioned whether it was a whiff on the part of Team Sussex’s research department. However, from what I can glean from this same photo website, the Queen ALSO had something on HER head when they watched the same ceremony (here’s another one from her Albert Park dais). So it can’t be too grievous an error in this situation?

Above are a few more photos from the previous events of the day. In the course of one comments section about the Zimmermann, we were called both boring mean-girl haters AND boring fangirl sycophants (for liking too much other stuff, I guess?). We’re big girls and we can take it, but for the sake of the comments section: I do hope again that people remember that negative or positive opinions don’t automatically mean any of us are a) gushing Meghan stans, or b) evil bitches who just want to keep her down. This is a fashion website, and analyzing the nitty-gritty is part of that. Styling is a business. If we personally are bringing a weird gut-level pro- or con- bias into things — such as me noting that I have a general dislike for all mules — we always tell you, and otherwise we are just sharing what we think and inviting you to do the same, hopefully without name-calling. Thanks!

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