Kelly performed a mini-concert at the U.S. Open today, essentially opening for Serena Williams, and as someone who had the tennis on all day let me tell you: It was apparently really hot and humid there, and totally still. No breeze. During Venus’s match, after the second set, they actually invoked some Heat Rule that banished the players to the air-conditioned locker rooms for ten minutes. But here’s Kelly walking the carpet in a turtleneck sweater dress, black tights, and heavy-looking shoes. Even if she was only outside in this long enough to take four photos, I don’t get how she managed to stay upright. It’s the least comfortable thing I could imagine on one of those evenings where simply walking outside turns your sweat glands into instant volcanoes.

She did change for the actual performance:

Opening Night Show at 2018 U.S. Open Tennis Championships

It seems MILDLY more pleasant. Maybe that’s why she chose the former outfit: as conditioning for when she had to come out and perform in this lightly sleeved piece of tinsel. I actually think she looks quite cute in the silver frock, and enjoy the mutual glee with which she and Serena treated each other’s participation in the evening. Also: GET ‘EM, SERENA. Or Venus. In fact, Venus’s match was incredibly stressful — the extreme conditions cannot play well with her medical conditions; she had two long game losing streaks before eking out the win in three sets — and the entire time, the commentators were like, “Yes, yes, but DOES SERENA KNOW?” I’d love to see Venus win even just one more. And that sort of brings this full-circle, since I already talked about Venus earlier in this post. DONE.