Elsie Fisher of Eighth Grade isn’t new to the industry, per se; she voiced one of the kids in the Despicable Me films, and there is plenty on her resume at only 15.┬áBut that all makes me even more impressed that she went to this Q&A for the movie in a totally relaxed outfit. Whether you treat this as her first leading role and her coming-out as an actress, or as just the latest project for someone who’s worked since she was young, it’s no less refreshing that she’s getting to dress like… a 15-year old. The kind you might see on a high school campus hanging out with her friends, learning who she is at her own speed, rather than the ones in haute couture at a Nickelodeon event being asked to network. The latter can be fun, but it’s such a fraught road to be in that deep in this industry at a young age. I hope Elsie, in her totally normal white capris and Fug Nation-approved striped shirt — plus kicks she clearly just wore because they please her — leans into this comfortable version of herself, and away from the pressure to be a party-circuit fashion plate, for as long as she can. And then also tells me where she got her shirt.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]