The Dior press release called this “stretch piqué tweed effect.”

I just call it, “Yes.”

Although, as cute as I think it is — even though it’s bunching on her pelvis a little — it’s the shoes with which I’m having the most ardent love affair. They are “Zenadia” by Paul Andrew and they are a small fortune and basically I’m going to become very good friends with eBay in the next month. Well, not “good.” It’s not a loving relationship; more of an unrequited one, because I will look and look and then even if they pop up they will be for $600 and then I’ll have to get up and leave my office in a huff and slam the door just to make a point. But: As much as this feels underdressed compared to some people at this same event, I think it’s a win on her; three years ago she’d have been in a satin strapless frock with a sweetheart neckline and not enough tailoring. It’s been a good ride since then.

Amy also did one of the “73 Questions” videos for Vogue:

It’s cute. There are dancing children, and earnest questions about boys, and a coughing fit! Amy she comes off really well in it, and far less rehearsed than some. My only disappointment is that she did it at a dance studio but we didn’t get to see her in action. Maybe the 74th question was, “Can you do some ballet for us?” Curse you, question limits!

[Photo: Getty; video via The Scene]