I took myself on a real journey deep down into my brain holes in writing this post, because my kneejerk to this photo was, “oh, how nice, a Downton reunion,” and then I was like “YOU IDIOT, Rose Leslie wasn’t on DowntonGame of Thrones is REALLY a different show, hoooo boy better stock up on some Centrum Silver,” and THEN I remembered that actually yes, she played the housemaid who Sybil helped become a secretary and who left service in season one, and then I got irritated that Daisy here is apparently still working for House Crawley even though Julian Fellowes made us sit through like six hundred episodes of her going to math class or some shit. (Rose Leslie even came back in season six and I wrote about it! Sorry about my brain worms.) (Although admittedly I’d also forgotten she was on season one then, as well.) Anyway, thanks for reliving that journey to the center of my empty head and also: They both look fine and Daisy, in particular, is quite dishy when no one is making her peel potatoes in a bonnet.

[Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images]