First: In case you thought to yourself, at any point in the last two weeks, “Where else has Harry been on tour, and when did William and Kate go Down Under, anyway, and…” We have made it easier for you to find that! Just look up in our header and mouse over where it says “Royals.” You’ll see a fancy “Royal Tours & State Visits” link that’ll zip you right to our new archive page for all our coverage, organized by personages.

Second: This is Post no. 25,002 on GFY. It seems SO RIGHT that our 25,000th post was Katy Perry in terrible denim, doesn’t it? And also right that some of our first steps toward 50k involve an exhaustive look at Duchess Meghan.

And finally: We’ve spent a LOT of time in the last two weeks getting into the nitty-gritty of each of Meghan’s tour outfits. It’s exhausting, sure, but I rather enjoy it too. As we’ve noted in the comments, since GFY came into the world in 2004, styling has become so much more of a business — or at least, a much more visible business — and royal styling is arguably the biggest business of them all. Everything seems to mean more and count for more, be it the soft diplomacy of choosing the right designers and accessories to match a host nation, or an occasion, or simply matching the formality or informality of an event. It’s a lot, and it’s genuinely interesting to me. Duchess Meghan delivered, what, 38 outfits in 16 days? That is definitely the most in one trip since we came into existence, and so — like with any buffet — more courses means more on which to chew.

On that note, then, above is your flipbook of Duchess Meghan’s first royal tour in its sartorial entirety, one picture at a time. But because I’m That Person, I couldn’t resist doing one JPEG grid of everything she wore that you could look at, if not in detail, then largely at a glance… and THEN, because I am EVEN MORE That Person: Once I did it in chronological order, I wondered if it’d be fun to look at them NOT in proper sequence but rather in a rough color progression. Photoshop is a cruel mistress. Anyway, I’m looking forward to discussing with y’all whether the macro views affect your outlook, or whether you feel differently about the clothes from a step-back distance or up close. Here are the grids, and then let us scamper to the slideshow and the comments. Thanks for being a place I go to let it all out and not just discuss, but learn. A note: Okay, I moved the grids BACK into the body of the post because they looked terrible in the slideshow in mobile. First, the chronology:


Next, the progression of colors:


And finally, here is your 37-outfit poll. I removed the jeans and blouse she wore to get on one of the planes — the one on Day 8 where she’s waving from across the tarmac — because a) it barely counts, and b) if that outfit actually won, Meghan would probably scream and c) it won’t win so no one should mind.

You clamored for a poll about your favorite outfit, so HERE IT IS, and it's long:

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[Photos:, Rex/Shutterstock]