Helen is modeling the two hues we deemed the colors of the year… in 2021, and though yellow has held its own so far in 2022, pink’s dominance has only increased. Valentino doing the all-pink show has fueled a lot of this, because they’re getting oodles of celebrity placements right now. (How… reactive of them to use that color, when it had already been EVERYWHERE in 2021. I have nothing against pink, but next time can we spin the color wheel like Pat Sajak is watching? Thanks.) None of which is to say that Helen doesn’t look dashing in the extreme, because she does. As much as we spotlighted these colors individually at the end of last year, they did often appear together, and it’s a winning combo for her. That pink cape is the perfect hit. She’s making me want to dress myself again with actual care and thought, something I have not particularly missed doing, and am ill-equipped to accomplish… but it’s a muscle that I badly need to tone anew. To the mall! Time to get my upper-body workout by draping some hangers over my arm and refusing to get a changing room until I’m half buried under them.

[Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock]