This show has 82 looks, and 49 of them are pink; the rest are black. I gather Pierpaolo Piccioli decided he wanted to work in monochrome, telling Vogue that when you home in on one color, you can turn your attention more to the details — so, the cohesion is in the color story, and not necessarily the cuts. There us some stuff in here that’s wonderfully precise, but also some that’s underwhelming and might’ve benefited from not trying to run quite such a gamut.

He also might be chasing the trend here a little, as we documented at the end of 2021 what a big factor pink had been over that calendar year. At least it’s a nice bright color; very sumptuous. Piccioli claims it’s a Pantone hue that he invented, and named after himself, calling it Pink PP. I… am guessing he didn’t say it out loud before he sealed the deal. Regrets?

[Photos: Imaxtree]