That outfit might be perfect on Tyra. Her head is serving David Bowie realness, and her outfit is witchy jumpsuit perfection — which I guess in some ways is ALSO David Bowie realness. She might fly away at a moment’s notice. She might snap her fingers and return to Labyrinth. She might put a spell on Putin or hex Lindsay Lohan into auditioning for ANTM. She might make a Snapchat filter of her own face. All of these things seem not only possible, but LIKELY, thanks to her command of those sleeves. I think it’s great. It might even be great on a regular scale (minus the makeup), and not just a Tyra scale. The sleeves really are gossamer camp.

And Heidi, meanwhile, seems to be putting her thunder in her purse and then leaving it open so that it can be openly stolen.

“America’s Got Talent” Season 12 Live Show the Quarter Final Round

This is fine. The shoes look 3D-printed and the dress is absolutely so-so, but we will all forget it happened. Maybe for Heidi, though, that’s a good thing. She could be cooking up something OUTRAGEOUS for the Emmys, it’s true, but maybe she’s realized that sedate is not always such a bad thing. Maybe Heidi Klum is relaxing into being Heidi Klum, rather than having to be all CAPSY HEIDI KLUUUUUM every time she gets a whiff of red carpet fibers.

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