First, it goes without saying that Halle Berry should be in a better movie than Kidnap right now — true, I have not technically seen Kidnap, but suffice to say, it does not look like a prestige drama as much as a Lifetime-version of Taken, but with a mom. But, as we all know, Movie Hollywood generally isn’t that interested in giving good parts to women over 40 (which Halle herself discussed in this interview with The Guardian last year), and actors like to work. She’s got a film coming out with Daniel Graig about the weeks prior to the Rodney King riots and she’s also in the new Kingsman movie, so I think she’s doing okay, but, you know: I want the best for Halle Berry, and I wish she weren’t in so many movies where she’s screaming on the phone about a missing child. HAVING SAID THAT, I want to congratulate her for treating all the premieres for this movie like a vaguely smart-casual dinner with a friend. She looks casual, but good enough that she would be comfortable running into an ex at any moment. Like, she looks good, but also like this isn’t even the most interesting thing she’s done all week. Like, she cares but she doesn’t care too much. Like, yes, she’s in this movie and she’s a professional, but also now she has Colin Firth’s cell so who cares about any of you.

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