I never watched Top of the Lake, so I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get to Top Of The Lake 2: Lake With A View. Indeed, I haven’t watched The Handmaid’s Tale yet, either, in part because… I am not sure when I’m going to be in the correct mental and emotional state to take on that one, honestly. (Playing House and GLOW are more local to the mindspace I’m inhabiting. If I could live inside Playing House, I would.) Anyway, all that is to say that even though I’ve not partaken of those things, I find her career choices and instincts really fascinating. She went from Peggy to a New Zealand detective to a dystopia, and has eight Emmy nominations spread out across thse three roles. I suspect being on a hit like Mad Men gave her the freedom to experiment with riskier projects, but it’s her instincts that keep her batting average high.

I don’t know why I was thinking about this in particular, but I think it’s because I’ve been streaming The West Wing while cooking, and when I see Zoey Bartlett I think about everywhere that role took her. Namely, to Mad Men’s doorstep (per IMDb there was only a year from the end of one to the start of another, which seems crazy — doesn’t West Wing feel more ancient and Mad Men more recent? And yet). I suppose I should talk about her outfit before this gets much longer. Surprise, surprise: It’s cute and her shoes are talking to me. I LOVE that prints are having such a moment.

Elizabeth Moss looks good in a floral dress at Kimmel

She and America Ferrera just both nailed this strategy of matching shoes to a color in the dress embroidery. And, not to pull focus from her, but she’s also managed to match them to the stripes on the lining of that dude’s suit coat. That is some stone-cold style, right there. That is blinding me with science.

Damn skippy.

[Photos: Backgrid]