Grey’s Anatomy finally gave up Meredith this season, and her half-sister Maggie will leave at the end of the year, meaning that the only Grey-adjacent folks left on the show are all actually related to Derek (well, I guess there’s the Chief, LONG LIVE THE CHIEF, but still). Personally, I could’ve stood to let go of Meredith a few years ago. The show finally brought in a fresh intern class that I don’t hate, so it’s in good hands there; the main fault of Grey’s, for me, is its inability to introduce enough new older doctors and then hang onto them. (Why bring on Greg Germann and make me love him, only to let him leave?) Link is a great exception. Hopefully, they can scatter in some of those so that nobody asks us to care about Owen and Teddy anymore. Then again, at this point, I will watch this show until either it dies or I do. So do whatever you want.

[Photos: Scott Kirkland/Shutterstock]