For her sake, I hope Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr are broken up for good, because in my book you just can’t hook up with a guy who wants to be visually associated with this woman’s outfit:

Ed Westwick leaving The Tamara Drewe Premier Afterparty at Home House in London

[Photo: Splash News]

I’m sure accessorizing a transparent genie jumpsuit is soul-rendingly difficult, but mugging somebody’s grandmother outside church isn’t the answer. If I were a cashmere cardigan, I’d unionize my brethren real fast and then go on strike until it became illegal to associate our ilk with something you wear to the Playboy Mansion’s annual funeral for Studio 54.
Aptly, Ed Westwick appears to be perfecting a veneer of one part young Hef, and three parts the hollow-of-cheek, toothy, semi-clammy-looking pallor of one Dan Humphrey. If he decides to spend the evening rubbing this genie’s bottle, I hope he asks it for a pair of socks.