This was definitely a year in which the fashion tipped toward prim fronts and open backs — I mean, in the final accounting, it may have been a record low in terms of cleavage (although those who went for it really WENT for it, ahem, Morena and Erin, although hers is less “cleavage” than “all of her skin”). I wonder if that means the traditionally less revealing SAGs will thus flip the script and be one giant nipple parade.

One of my favorite demure gowns of the night was on Julianna Margulies:

Awesome color, awesome shimmer, and her accessories are perfect with it. I have such a crush — and, she is another person I need to thank and embrace for being proud of her natural coloring. I like my Diet Coke cold, my TV soapy, and my Alicia Florrick NOT the color of a pumpkin candle.

The back is pretty basic but I will show it to you anyway, because I’m a completist.

Gosh, WHOOPS, how did that get in there? So very sorry for putting you through the agony of that much hotness. The close-up did make me wonder if I like the fabric as much as I thought, but… it’s unusual so I’m just going to ignore that and assume it was awesome in person and not at all tweedy. And also, I like tweed, so there you go.

See? Simple. I wish Rooney Mara had worn this. They have similar coloring, and obviously, this dress works with a dark ponytail. The SAGs are when Hailee Steinfeld busted out that awesome striped dress, so maybe Rooney will… hey, wait, when did this post become about her? Margulies: love it. Love her. Want to be this I grow up. Realizing I may have to give up that ghost because a) I am technically already grown, and b) I don’t look like her at all. Sad. Going to moisturize then fall into sugar spiral.

[Photo: Getty]