Jessica Alba here posed for pictures with Rachel Zoe the night of the Globes, but she famously has been styled by Brad recently, so I don’t know if she was just being friendly with Zoe despite the Zoe/Brad situation (which would only be appropriate on both sides, and also thanks to Bravo for keeping me up to date on these things), or if this is actually Zoe’s work. WHOEVER did her for tonight, however, totally nailed it:

I feel like she hasn’t been a hot mess in AGES, and I never would have said about her a few years ago.  Like Elle MacPherson, she also changed for the after-parties:

I wish she’d swapped out her shoes — I feel like there are a part of metallic strappy numbers that someone left in a bag somewhere, and these are the ones she wore for the ceremony — but I think this is totally delightful. It’s like she took this Fergie dress and dialed it down from New Year’s Eve to Cocktail Party without a hitch.