Again I find myself underwhelmed by what La Bellucci’s team has on tap for this press tour. To wit:

It’s… fine? I’m so lukewarm. But it’s a stumpy length on her, the shoes sincerely look a size too small, and the bunched-up-nylon sleeves just give me flashbacks to the days when I DID wear hose or tights to work and all the ENDLESS ETERNAL YANKING involved. Which also could be the title of a really pretentious and navel-gazing memoir about some secretly unremarkable dude.

I can’t tell if she fared better at the actual premiere, or not:


I honestly think I’d have swapped these, or used this one at a later photocall, because there’s a real daytime look to it. Perhaps it’s the combination of the casual belted waist, her by-now rote hairdo, and The Return of the Visible Bra, plus sleeves that look like three birds got into a messy argument right on top of them. I want her to be transportively in-your-face elegant, basically, and it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe she’ll finish big in the States.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty]