When I saw this from the back, I thought, “Well, hell. Am I about to sign off on a jumpsuit?”

michelle dockery harpers bazaar women of the year

It’s a sexy back; the jewelry with it is creative and plays nicely with that feature; the fit doesn’t seem to be abusing her rump the way so many jumpsuits do, even to the genetically blessed. I was preparing myself.

I needn’t have worried:

You may not be as depressed by that as I am, but… I mean, the pants are no great shakes, by any stretch, and yet I’m consistently pulled back up north to complain about the appalling fit of the top. It is baggy in the weirdest places. Whether that’s the fault of the tailoring, or her stylist not procuring her one of those stick-on chicken-cutlet backless bra thingies, or both… I don’t know, but this positively droops on her, when it should celebrate her instead. Lady Mary would stomp out in the most delectable huff.

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