FUGS AND PIECES IS BACK. See? Not being able to procrastinate by reading interesting things on the internet while we were at Fashion Week actually impacted my job. Procrastination is good for you! So get to it:

– Allegedly, Intern George is attending the Armani show. This explains why nothing in this office has been filed, like, ever. (Refinery29)

– For those of you who are planning to pounce on Ryan Reynolds if he and ScarJo break up — or, you know, “break up,” – Lainey says he’s kind of great in person. This is going to make your life as the second Mrs. (or Mr.) Reynolds SO much more pleasant than if he were just a pretty face. Also: apparently Catherine Keener is not a treat in person. Weirdly, that doesn’t surprise me. (Lainey Gossip)

– I love it when Sesame Street includes something for the grown-ups. Behold its True Blood parody, True Mud. (Vulture)

– Wondering if you should wear harem pants? This flowchart will help. (Laura Olin)

– One of our very favorite writers, Maureen Johnson — have you read Suite Scarlett, and Scarlet Fever? They’re awesome — wrote a great piece this week about male and female writers, and readers. Well worth a look. (Maureen Johnson Books)

– Sadly, GFY HQ is NOT in this piece about the world’s 10 most eye-catching offices. Next year — we’re moving into that one in the tree if it kills me.  Heather will agree to move to Spain, right? I think I can sell that. Two words: SANGRIA. (Flavorwire)

– OMG. Two women are “sewing along” with Project Runway this season, but the outfits they’re making are for dolls. And they are AWESOME. (Craftroom and Kat Knits,via Craftzine)

– Speaking of dolls, one of Jezebel’s writers dressed like one that she carried around Fashion Week, and chronicled people’s reactions. It’s seriously hilarious. Also: I totally saw her, and thought, “WTF is happening with that girl and the doll??” (Jezebel)

– Don’t you totally need teabags that make it appear as though Karl Lagerfeld and Naomi Campbell are treating your mug like a hot tub? You know you do. (Racked)

– One of my favorite parts of Glee is cooing over all of Emma’s outfits. So many bows! The show’s costume designer talked NY Mag through her favorite looks. (Vulture)

– Finally, today is National Punctuation Day, and the…National Punctuation Day people (the National Punctuators?) are having a haiku contest. I want one of Fug Nation to win it! You guys are great at haiku AND punctuation. (National Punctuation Day)