TGIF, y’all! As many of you know, I came down with shingles on Saturday and this week has been A TRIAL. A huge thank you to Heather for taking so much work off my plate so I could try to rest a bit. Just as a PSA: If you never had chicken pox, get the vaccine! If you did have chicken pox, and you’re eligible, get the shingles vaccine! (They’ll only give it to you if you are over fifty — I am not.) (You can only get shingles if you have had chicken pox, it’s the same virus that just kicks it inside your body until a later date when pops back up to make your life a misery. Imagine your worst sunburn ever. Then imagine someone STABBING IT multiple times. That’s shingles.) ANYWAY, I am on the mend and I hope you are well, also.

Do you need new boots for walking, as they say? Behold!

Diahann Carroll died, which is terrible news. She was a trailblazer, an immense talent, and a great beauty — and, not for nothing, my favorite of Alexis’s nemeses on Dynasty. [The New York Times]

This is a really good feature at the California Sunday Magazine about the National Center for Unwanted Firearms, which is a volunteer organization run by two former Secret Service guys that helps people safely get rid of guns they don’t want anymore, or which are unsafe. That sounds dry, but this piece is extremely interesting and ultimately, I found it hopeful..

At The New Yorker: The Age of Bathfluence. (I take MANY baths myself, so this truly spoke to me. I love a bath. I wish I were in the bath right now. I wish I could work from the bathtub.)

At Lainey: Ben Affleck may have new girlfriend and she is a billionaire. (It’s unclear if they’re actually dating or just know each other — I’ve always thought that if I were famous, I’d find it really amusing to see how many of my friends I was rumored to be dating — but she DOES look like his ex-gf, Lindsey Shookus, to me. Lindsey Shookus is allegedly now maybe dating Jon Hamm, per Celebitchy)

This is really good, at the Atlantic: The TV Fan Club That Became an Intimate Grief Group

At Nerdist: Le Creuset Announces Star Wars Line of Cookware. I am not even a mega Star Wars fan (I mean, I LIKE Star Wars, I just don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it or anything) and I think these are CUTE.

At the New York Times: I’m a First Lady, and It’s an Incredibly Weird Job. By Melania!! (Not really. It’s by the First Lady of Iceland, Eliza Reid.)

At Pajiba, I truly do not know if my eyes can roll enough for this: Todd Phillips Made ‘Joker’ Because ‘Woke Culture’ Ruined Comedy (Okay, Buddy)

LOGISTICS: “It’s no small feat to travel with 208 people and a ton of Gatorade. Here’s how the Bears will get it all from Chicago to London.” [The Chicago Tribune]

The costumes at the Mister Global pageant — like a Man Miss Universe — are very elaborate. (USA kinda phoned it in, though.) [The Insider]

At The Mary Sue: There’s a Hunger Games prequel happening? Where have I been?

At Celebitchy, I cannot keep up with Miley’s romantic exploits these last few months! First she and Liam break up! Then she runs off with Brody Jenner’s non-wife! Now…Miley Cyrus has been making out with Cody Simpson all over LA & Malibu. (Miley LOVES Australians.)