We are FOR REAL back in business! Lots in the slideshow to take in, and in case you missed it: Here’s a complete round-up of the recently completely Harry/Meghan tour, and a Wills/Kate outing yesterday, to boot!

Other items of interest:

Breaking news just as I write this: Harry and Meghan, in attention to this week’s earlier lawsuit, are also suing the Sun and the Mirror for alleged PHONE HACKING, which is…real bad. (The hacking, not the lawsuit.) As of right at this moment, there are not a lot of details on this, and the scope of the suit also seems to encompass the previous phone-hacking scandal of the early 2000s (so, pre-Meghan), which happened under the editorial eye of one Piers Morgan — who is, I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, no relation — a man who currently spends quite a lot of time bloviating about Meghan. Well, bloviate this, Piers!  [Byline via BBC]

We’ve obviously been talking all week about the Sussexes’ (first) lawsuit, and feel free to discuss here as well. This is obviously the big story the royals reporters have been covering for the last few days.  I thought this piece from Victoria Murphy at T&C was very interesting.

Katie Nicholl’s also reporting on it for Vanity Fair. Both women were on the tour with the Sussexes when the news dropped; What I want is the by-the-minute behind-the-scenes reporter reactions! Having spent plenty of time in my life in press scrum, I can only imagine.

This is a good piece about the latest developments — including a possible documentary? That’s interesting -- from Lainey.

People’s got some speculation about Beatrice’s wedding.

Speaking of, and also at VF: An Exclusive Look Inside Princess Beatrice’s Engagement Photo Shoot

This is a rather fun fact, at Hello! How Sarah Ferguson will make ROYAL HISTORY at Princess Beatrice’s wedding. (Caps-lock courtesy of Hello!)

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Look at Sophie!

This is nice:

“Go stand on this moor and look pensive!!!”

We have pics of Beatrice and her betrothed in the slideshow from this event, but here’s Euj too:

“We love paperwork!!!!”



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