As one tour ends, another tour begins — well, eventually. Wills and Kate are going to Pakistan from October 14-18th, which should be super interesting! Teach me about people and things, British Royal Family, by standing in front of them in outfits. Kate has a tendency to looks More Interesting Than Usual when they leave the country, too, so that’s always a treat. ANYHOOZLE, tonight she and Wills went to an event at the Aga Khan Centre in London, put on by Prince Karim Aga Khan (whose mother was British, if I’m reading the Wikipedia correctly; after he was born, his father left his mother for Rita Hayworth and his mother accordingly moved back to England and became a viscountess. Where is the novel loosely based on her life, I ask?). Accordingly, Kate has kicked off the More Interesting Than Usual trend by wearing a dress from a brand that What Kate Wore tells me is beloved by Sophie Wessex (and I read earlier this week that Sophie does a lot of shopping for Kate; what if SOPHIE is Kate’s stylist?!?) and which Net-a-Porter styled better than Kate did, I think. (It’s currently half-off!)

I love the color — the flag of Pakistan has a great deal of green, so that’s surely a nod —  and I do like imagining her and Meghan texting about their current passion for tie belts right now, but this also sort of looks like what Wendy might wear in a groovy, updated non-musical Peter Pan. It’s got a bit of a Fancy Nightgown feel, and while now I am wondering if I also need a Fancy Nightgown (to sleep in, not to go out in), I also mostly think Kate needed different styling with this — like, LEAN INTO IT and wear it with slouchy boots and a fur vest (can you imagine) and really look like a rich 70s ceramics teacher who has a lot of ferns. I think as is the styling feels a little under-baked? Having said that, What Kate Wore told me that Kate’s earrings, WHICH ARE GREAT, are from a Pakistani store called Zeem and they’re $8! This is why I drunkenly re-pierced my own ears, y’all. I’m not kidding.

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