Y’all, I love boots. I love them so much. I’m very excited that it’s about to be cool enough in Los Angeles for me to pull out at least my shorter boots. (Knee-high boot season probably won’t get here until later.) I love my flats and my sandals and whatever, but I’m bored of my summer shoes. Let’s do this!

For the purposes of this particular post, I decided to focus on what I call Boots That You Can Probably Walk In. I have a local consignment shop that I love (Clothes Heaven, for those of you in California’s general San Gabriel Valley area) and I was in there the other day and had a whole convo with the proprietress about Sit Down Shoes, AKA shoes that you love but you can’t technically really walk in that well. NONE of these I’ve pulled, I don’t think, will be Sit Down Boots. They’re all definitely at least meant to be Walk Around Boots. (I’m asking myself the same question this year that I asked last year, which is: Do I need Docs? Because it really feels like I might. There are A LOT of combat boot-type situations for sale right now, and I assume it’s because we’re all about to go off.) (Also, as a reminder, if you’re a person who needs LL Bean bean boots, BUY THEM NOW before they sell out. I bought a shearling-lined pair on a year where I knew I was going multiple cold places in February and literally I would have married them at certain points in that trip were it legal or advisable to marry a shoe. I live in Los Angeles and it took me a stupidly long time to realize that having warm dry feet goes a long way toward my personal happiness.)

Anyway, go off here:

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