Happy weekend to everyone. Hope you have a fun/restful/productive one as we head into Thanksgiving.

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Do you, like George Costanza, wish to drape yourself in velvet? I rounded up options!

Over at Drinks With Broads…things got unhinged, first with our take on a body wash that aims to abolish Old People Smell, which YOU MIGHT HAVE (it starts early!), then our take on Dior’s new line of…baby perfumes??? Then on Thursday, we got into vintage appetizer cookbooks and….I can’t believe I’m typing this…Napoleon’s penis. Also: The Gilded Age was DISHY this week and a lot of you were annoyed by their Oscar Wilde: My recap is here.

YES: At the New York Times (gifted link): We All Love ‘Anne of Green Gables.’ What About ‘Emily of New Moon’? I LOVE Emily. Every time I “air out my bed” instead of making it, I think of her.

This is a really interesting piece at Lainey about celeb girl squads, and floats a theory that didn’t occur to me.

Relevant to our interests: Saltburn and the bizarre life of Britain’s stately homes [BBC]

Ooh, this might be interesting: Pedro Pascal might be (Mr.) Fantastic. (Although I do not really care about Marvel.) [Lainey]

I thought this was really useful, at Bon Appetit: What Food Pantries Really Want You to Donate.

Fascinating: “One of the World’s Greatest Shoppers Prepares to Share Her Treasures: Mouna Ayoub has a huge collection of haute couture, and now, 252 of her Chanel pieces designed by Karl Lagerfeld are going up for auction.” [NYT, gifted link]

This is gonna gross you out and make you mad: How TMZ Became Hollywood’s Grim Reaper. [THR]

I would rather eat a bag of nails than see this: Elon Musk is getting the biopic treatment from director Darren Aronofsky and A24.  [Socialite Life]

Related from Pajiba’s new Substack: “If You’re Still on Twitter, ‘You Know You Shouldn’t Be: ‘It’s a toxic place run by a toxic person and everyone knows it now.’”  People are legitimately addicted to Twitter, which is part of the problem. (I am personally use Twitter about 90% less than I used to, and removing it more or less from my life has been a massive plus for my mental health.)

I kinda love this: Why Some Seniors Are Choosing Pot Over Pills. [NYT, gifted link] I’ve started having half a gummy at night instead of wine and it has really improved my sleep.

This is so interesting, at Texas Monthly: Inside the “Project Runway” of Fashion Prep for the Austin Powwow

A fun convo at Ask.Metafilter: What offbeat thing goes on your snackboard?

EYEROLL: “WB CEO David Zaslav on writers: ‘I’ve never regretted overpaying for great talent’” SINCE WHEN. [Celebitchy]

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