Happy weekend! I hope you have a really fun one — or at least a relaxing one.

We had a very fun week over at Drinks With Broads, our newish Substack newsletter! All subscribers got our take on the SAG Awards (and Cocaine Bear!), which you can read here. Paid subscribers got a banger (if I do say so myself), in which I deep dive into the ridiculous(ly entertaining) and super petty Peltz-Beckham wedding lawsuit, and Heather tries that sticky e.l.f. primer and also sticky Jones Road’s Miracle Balm. Have you wanted to see Heather with a box affixed to her face with makeup? Well, Drinks With Broads will provide! (We also talk about our Ideal Mall Shops, which is fun.)

Here at GFY, we’ve got your Best and Worst Dressed polls for the SAGs, and I rounded up a bunch of arguably deranged St Patrick’s Day decor/outfits/giant lawn ornaments — plus, of course, our usual array of Celebs Wearing Stuff Publicly, like Gigi Hadid going full Judith Krantz, K.Stew dealing with perhaps the WORST Chanel has inflicted upon her, and Jennifer Coolidge looking AMAZING on the cover of W.


What a fun chat, at Girls of a Certain Age: Where I splurge and where I save

Such a good read: ‘I Still Don’t Know What It Was’ An oral history of Kings, the ambitious, expensive, proudly weird drama on which NBC bet its prestige future and lost. [Vulture]

Chaka Khan has thoughts and they’re DISHY. She does not hold back![Lainey]

Agreed: Can Celebrities Stop Using Their Makeup Lines to Fight Each Other. [Jezebel]

OKAY: Allow Pedro Pascal to Introduce You to Chilean Snacks. He can introduce me to anything! [Pajiba]

A fun and illuminating read: “Are You Anxious, or Are You Just an Aries?: ‘What’s your sign?’ used to be a lame pickup line. Now it’s how millions of TikTokkers talk about mental health. Is it possible that understanding your astrological chart could help with your psychological one?” [Mental]

Really interesting: How Monopoly Became America’s Cruellest Board Game. [The New Yorker]

This is aMAZing???? Parisian Opera House That Inspired ‘Phantom of the Opera’ Becomes an Airbnb. Do not, I repeat, do not allow a man in a weird mask to lure you down into the basement!!!! [Smithsonian, but I discovered this via Brain Sofa]

At Fashionista: On The Red Carpet, A New Class Of Commentators Are Going Beyond ‘Who Are You Wearing?’

Kelsea Ballerini’s divorce seems like it’s getting messy — as I suspected it might when I saw her all over NYFW. (It just felt like she was putting herself out there to get some reliably positive press and she didn’t have a new record coming out, so I figured this had to be personal.) They perhaps both bear responsibility here — she allegedly cheated but he allegedly seems like he was really not paying attention to anything but himself. Also, he’s making a FIVE PART DOCU-SERIES ON YOUTUBE ABOUT THEIR BREAKUP? This would make me want to, to quote another country star, dig my key into the side of his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive.  [Lainey]

Fascinating! ‘Babylon,’ ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ and ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Costume Designers on Defining Their Characters’ Looks. [THR]

This is SO interesting: The Weird (and Wired) Truth Behind What’s Really in Coca-Cola. Yes, it’s what you’re thinking. Kinda. [Eater]

Important: This Is What Your Paper Towel Use Says About Your Personality.  (I am a little confused because there is a category here called “reusable paper towel,” which I guess is a specific thing, but I personally just tend to use this thing called a dish towel?????) [The Kitchn]

Fun fact: Florence Welch Wrote a Great Gatsby Musical. [Town & Country]

I know this will be meaningful to a lot of you: Cheerwine Beer Is Here.  [Garden and Gun]

This is a VERY CUTE BEBE: Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson welcome son Leodis, nicknamed Leo [Celebitchy]

Really interesting: “The Alamo’s New Battle Plan: A $500 million restoration seeks to reverse almost two centuries of cultural and physical neglect at the most popular historic site in Texas. There’s never been more of a concerted effort to make things right.” [Texas Monthly]

Finally, you need to take this in. Click in for the ENTIRE THREAD.