First, and most importantly, before you do anything else with your life, please watch this:

Did you see me at Comic Con?! #SDCC2017

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IT IS THE BEST. This is really just the greatest. It made my week better.

Here’s some other stuff:

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– Do you need some new luggage? We have CUTE OPTIONS for you.

Can we interest you in everything Charlize Theron has ever worn? It’s not as good as you might recall.

– Totally relevant to your interests: The Rise and Fall of Liz Smith, Celebrity Accomplice [New York Times]

– Compelling, and sad, and worth your time, at Splinter: ‘I Am a Girl Now,’ Sage Smith Wrote. Then She Went Missing.

– Yesterday was crazy, and I hope you didn’t miss this. As The AV Club puts it: Beloved website The Toast reappeared for a single day

– OMG this sounds exciting! Per The Guardian: V&A exhibition sets sail for glory days of luxury ocean liners! (Thanks to the Fug Nationals who sent this in to us, as well.)

– Via Pajiba, a very important topic: Let’s Shamelessly Discuss Who the Hottest Directors Are

– Town & Country asks: Is This the Most Scandalous Hotel in England?

– At Revelist: some ding-dongs invented the uninventable: BEER FOR WOMEN. Whatever will they think of next? Women drivers? My stars!!

– Completely fascinating, from The New Yorker: The Obsessive Art and Great Confession of Charlotte Salomon. Here’s your lede: “In February, 1943, eight months before she was murdered in Auschwitz, the German painter Charlotte Salomon killed her grandfather.”

– NEWS YOU CAN USE: M.A.C. Is Giving Away Lipstick This Weekend. [Yahoo]

– At Lainey, this is we need right now:  “Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt made a TV show and it’s a parody of a Romanian 1980s cop show.

Racked went to a nudist colony, and the piece is really good. “What kind of shoe goes best with stark naked? I didn’t know. I brought four pairs.”

– Again, at Lainey: Kate Hudson got a buzz cut and honestly it looks good on her.

– This is neat: Help the New York Public Library Geotag Enigmatic NYC Photos [Hyperallergic]

– At Atlas Obscura: See London’s Underground ‘Mail Rail,’ Then and Now: It’s like the Tube, but for post. If only they had a mail robot.

– Important intel at Revelist: I tried every eyebrow gel at the drugstore — here’s the winner.

– Fascinating: Prop Master: How a “Star Wars” Superfan Scoured the Earth for Space Debris [Collectors Weekly]

– At The New Potato, a good round-up of waterproof makeup, for when you’re going swimming with someone you’ve got the mega-hots for.

– Lots of makeup coverage today, but this is one of the best Top Shelfs that Into The Gloss has ever done.

– At Celebitchy: Taylor Swift ‘is in a happy place, even though she seems like she is hiding.’ WELL THANK GOD. Now I can rest.